Our History
In September of 1944, the Seekonk Post War Public Works Committee met to discuss post-war projects by municipalities of the Commonwealth.  A town water supply was selected as the project of utmost importance, and as a result, a study of the water supply in neighboring communities was initiated.  Engineering firms were contacted to provide a thorough description of the steps necessary to design and implement a town water supply.  A formal request to establish and install a public water supply in the Town of Seekonk was accepted by the Committee and sent to the State for approval.  The Seekonk Water District was formally recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1946.

The First Fifty Years
The first meeting of the Seekonk Water District was held April 15, 1946.  Money was appropriated to begin installation of the water supply system, and one short year later, the Seekonk Water District was brought online.  A water storage tank, along with twenty seven miles of mains and service connections, were laid to cover the largest populated areas of the Town.  As the District grew, additional projects were undertaken to provide adequate service to the Town.   The voters unanimously approved the building of a second water storage tank in 1961.  In 1966, voters approved plans to build a new Water District Office on land next to the Junior High School, still in use today.  The ability to connect with Pawtucket Water was established in 1979 for emergency situations.   In 1986, the voters approved to construct the District’s fifth well and pump station.  A computer billing system was implemented in 1988.  The impressive growth of the District led to the creation of a comprehensive Master Plan.  Phase I of the Master Plan, a four year construction program, was adopted in 1992.  During this phase of the Master Plan, the third water storage tank was constructed.