AMR Water Meter Installation Project
Seekonk Water District Customers to Receive New Technologically Advanced Water Meters
District program will eliminate estimated bills with new meter technology

Seekonk Water District (SWD) Superintendent Robert Bernardo announced the district is preparing to update existing water meters in the town with new technology that will eliminate estimated water bills. With the implementation of this project, the Seekonk Water District will achieve greater customer satisfaction and a higher level of service to our water customers.

Mass Installation Inc., of Norwood, was recently awarded the contract to install over 5,000 new water meters with a state-of-the-art, automatic meter reading system throughout the town. The installation program will begin in spring 2013 and is expected to take between 6-12 months to complete. The new technology is being supplied by Ti-Sales Inc., in partnership with the Neptune Technology Group, and utilizes an unlicensed radio frequency channel to deliver meter reading information to a drive by collection unit. Neptune Technology Group has a prestigious history for reliability and innovation while providing industry-leading NSF ANSI compliant lead-free metering products to water utilities throughout North America.  

Mass Installation will contact property owners to schedule appointments. Installation will begin at the north end of town and work systematically through to the south end of town. Once you receive a notification card, please contact Mass Installation immediately to schedule your appointment. Please note that this program is mandatory for all SWD customers. Mass Installation technicians are registered with the Seekonk Police Department, and the SWD. Also, all vehicles will be clearly marked with Mass Installation company information and technicians will wear uniforms and have ID badges.

For more information on the project, news and photos, visit the Seekonk Water District webpage at:, click on the AMR Meter Installation tab for links.